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Creating your
Disability Insurance
Plan that works for you

What if one day, not very far in the future, you become disabled and you can’t go to work? How would you pay for the expenses of daily life such as monthly mortgage or rent, groceries and your utilities?
The bills keep on coming even if you’re unable to work. That’s where a disability insurance policy can help make the difference and pay you CASH. It’s a source of monthly income you may need to help take care of your bills while you take care of yourself.

Use your Disability Benefits
any way you wish:

Holding Tomatoes


Non-medical expenses resulting from your condition.

Grabbing Pills


Deductibles, copays, prescriptions and experimental treatments.

Man on Walker


Extended convalescence services or for rehabiliation.

Car Lot

Home and Auto

Home or automobile alterations for special needs.

Online shopping

Mortgage + Bills

Your mortgage, credit card payments, income and spouse's lost wages.


Child & Nursing Care

Expenses for child and nursing care or any other bills you may have.

Learn more about your Disability

Insurance options

that work for you.

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